Elsie Law’s Journal

Whipped SlaveSometimes I think these “self-help” books are a slick way to tell US to “pull ourselves up by our boot straps,” while letting others get away with their of savagery and crimes.

Knowing America’s history, this would explain America’s explosive obsession with self-help books. Forget you’re on stolen land; help yourself. Forget your holocaust/middle passage, help yourself. Forget our savagery and violence; help yourself. Are they telling us to positively affirm our way out of police terrorism and gentrification?

Is “good advice” contained in these books? Perhaps, but you have to consider the context and how practical and relevant it is to the African soul maneuvering in America. One thing I can saw though, it’s a real slick enterprise. They have a lot of of people captivated. As for me and my African soul, I’m going to call on, and listen to, my ancestors. Victorious are we!

-Elsie Law The Rap Starlet aka Starface

Updated: 2/11/16